companyWelcome to Nuclear Abolition!

This is a blog about the abolition of nuclear power and energy. Nuclear power has devastating effects. They take away millions of lives and destroy cities and lands. We vote for phasing out of nuclear power. This blog is to develop awareness about the harmful effects of nuclear power and what they can do to our world. Through this blog, we want more support for this deadly energy that kills lives.

The recent incident of 2011 Fukushima disaster shows the world that nuclear power is very unsafe. The meltdown at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant was bad. The investment in nuclear energy is more than that in renewable energies. It is also very expensive to set up nuclear energy and the costs of storing radioactive waste are very high. So, renewable energies will be a better investment.

In this blog, you will read articles on the harmful effects of nuclear energy both on the environment and human health. You will know about the alternatives to the nuclear some countries are. This blog will contain all the latest research works on nuclear power and also news regarding the production and use of nuclear energy.

Read this blog regularly to know where nuclear energy is taking us. Join our forum to have a discussion on this matter.