Clean Energy

4 great alternatives to nuclear power


The Fukushima nuclear plant accident has raised concern among many people. They are now searching for clean energy alternatives. Here ar four alternatives to nuclear power.

1. Thorium


In Turkey, India, Australia, and United States, Thorium holds 59% of the world’s reserves. Thorium that are mined can be used as a fuel, whereas, only 1% of the mined uranium is used as a fuel. Thorium produces less waste and is safter than uranium.

2. Solar Power


Solar energy is inexhaustible. It is the best alternative source of energy. Solar panels can be used to convert sunlight into electricity. Solar energy can be used as transport fuel. A technology called solar gasification is used. In this process, concentrated solar power is applied to heat biomass to temperatures of 2,370 degrees Fahrenheit. This produces hydrogen and carbon monoxide which can be further processed to diesel fuel and gasoline.

3. Natural Gas


It can be used as transport fuel. It is better than oil. It emits less carbon and other pollutants into the air when it is burned. We now have the technolgy to release huge amounts of natural gas that is locked up in shale rock.

4. Hydrogen


Hydrogen burns clean. It is three times more efficient than a gasoline powered engine. It can be used along with a fuel cell to provide transport. Hydrogen can be processed through biomass, fossil fuels or by electrolyzing water.

There are many alternatives available in place of nuclear power. Some of these have been available for decades. It’s clear we should start using them instead of nuclear power.