Nuclear-free world cause

This is why you must be part of a nuclear-free world cause


Nuclear energy can have extremely harmful effects that will not be possible to repair in future. Here are the reasons why you must e a part if a nuclear-free world.

1. Humanitarian consideration

It is become a necessity to abolish nuclear weapons. There will be a catastrophic consequence if you use any nuclear weapons. Effects of radiation on people may cause suffering and death, even for many years after the explosion.

2. Security

Nuclear weapons pose a threat to individuals. Instead of having peace, it develops fear and mistreats among different nations. Threats of terrorism, climate change, etc. will increase.

3. Environmental impact

Nuclear weapons can destroy all complex forms of life. Only 0.1% of the explosive yield will result in famine and devastating agricultural collapse. The smoke and dust produced can cause a huge drop in global temperatures and rainfall.

4. Economic impact

The building of nuclear weapons diverts public funds from education, healthcare, and other important sectors. Nations with nuclear power spend more than US$105 billion every year on maintaining the nuclear arsenals. Despite this huge amount of expenditure behind using nuclear forces, some countries are contnuing to invest more money on it. We should redirect these funds to spend in meeting the basic needs of people.

These impacts of a nuclear weapon are serious. They must be addressed immediately and we should vote for a nuclear-free world. With the level of destruction in causes to the environment and human health, it is time to eliminate nuclear weapons using a comprehensive treaty. If it is not done soon, we won’t be able to save our earth from the destructive power of nuclear forces.