Our Cause

Movement is going in the Western world to vote against nuclear power. This movement has become stronger because of the nuclear accident that took place in Japan in 2011. Nuclear power is a costly way to boil water and use it to make electricity. Nuclear energy is dangerous; accidents may happen anytime. We don’t want any more incidents like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or Fukushima. So, we are supporting the phase-out of nuclear energy through this blog.

causeThe Three Mile Island accident in 1979 and Chernobyl disaster in 1986 played important roles in stopping new nuclear plant development in many countries. Many anti-nuclear power groups are working on stopping nuclear plant construction. These include ‘Friends of the Earth;, ‘Greenpeace’, ‘Institute for Energy and Environmental Research’, etc. Many European countries like Austria, Sweden, and Italy have abandoned the development of new nuclear power plants. Many countries like Denmark, Greece, Norway, etc. with no nuclear power plants have stopped construction of any nuclear plants. Countries that are phasing out nuclear energy plants must think of alternative forms of energy.

If all the counties can find alternative sources of energy to produce electricity, then there will be no need to construct any nuclear plants. We hope this blog will help those who are supporting the nuclear plant development to rethink. With everyone’s help, we can make our earth a better place to live.